Three Good Reasons Why You Should Learn Photoshop Today

Have you ever been inspired by spectacular photographs and often admired the artistic eyes of the photographers who took those pictures? The interesting thing is, even if your photographs do not come out amazing the first time they were taken, you can still improve them and turn them into unique works of art. That can easily be done through the magic of Photoshop!

Adobe Photoshop is the software of choice for people who are in the visual arts business such as graphic artists and photographers. It is such a powerful, yet user friendly software that evens those who are not in the visual arts business use it for personal and professional purposes.

Here are three good reasons why you should learn Photoshop today:

1. Even someone who is not in the graphic arts business will find Photoshop useful for enhancing personal photos. Through Photoshop, you can easily remove wrinkles or unwanted blemishes on the face (even acne!). You can superimpose your picture onto a scenic background like a European village or if you want, you can make it look like you’re in the middle of Manhattan Square! You can touch up old photos and make them come back to life. You can turn new photos into vintage ones. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

2. If you are in the visual arts business, you will find Photoshop an indispensable tool that you can use to sharpen and enhance your designs. Your creative energies will flow easily as you see an image going through changes right in front of your eyes. You will be a notch ahead of your competitors if you learn Photoshop and have a good mastery of its techniques.

3. The best thing about investing your time and money to learn Photoshop is you can start charging other people for your creative services using this great software. You can create unique company logos, banners and brochures for those who want to promote their businesses. You can even be a website designer, which is getting to be a lucrative job nowadays, as almost all businesses see the potential for increased sales through online marketing.

Anyone who understands the potential of improving their skills in the visual arts will be interested to learn Photoshop. If you spend the time and energy to learn Photoshop, you will discover more of its potential to help you get ahead in your business or your career.

For an easy and smart way to learn Photoshop, try the Photoshop Video Lesson Tutorials. This set of 20 video lessons in Photoshop will guide you step by step in using the different tools to get the effects you want to achieve with your photos.

Some Great Features of Photoshop CS5

If you are a web designer or a graphic designer, Photoshop is the most important and useful tool for your profession and having proficiency in it is imperative for your success. The industry experts believe that Photoshop CS5 is the best software from the Adobe Photoshop series, primarily because of the numerous benefits that has to offer. It is an industry standard accepted across the world and is used for professional photo editing, graphic design and digital imaging.

Photoshop CS5 supports unlimited RAM and ensures 64-bit processing under Windows and Mac 64-bit systems. There are numerous innovative features and enhancements that are offered under this tool. Some such unique features and effects are discussed below:

1) The Mixer Brush- You can use Photoshop CS5 for as far as your imagination can go. It allows you to transform a photo into a realistic painting using the new Mixer Brush tool. It takes just a few minutes and the transformation is done in just a few minutes.

2) Adobe CS5 Design Premium Box Artwork- Photoshop CS5 offers several tools to recreate the design that appears on the box of the CS5 suite, making it look exactly the same.

3) CutOut Painting Effect- Transforming a photo into a cutout painting becomes easy with CS5. Even the beginners can perform this task with ease and within half an hour or so.

4) 3D Type with Repousse- the Repousse is a great tool that is offered under the CS5 suite. You can create fine 3D objects extruding texts, paths, layers masks etc. with this tool. You can create 3D shapes by inflating the surface that adds the input curves to the text. This tool allows you to mix 3D objects with photos and other 2D objects.

5) 3D Textured Typography Scene- Creativity has no limits, and CS5 gives you wings to create whatever you want to. Another useful feature of this latest Photoshop suite is textured typography. You can use skin texture or any other texture for that matter to create 3D-looking text effects.

6) Transforming Photo Into Sketch- The new Photoshop CS5 blend mode method allows you to transform photos into sketches with a much better quality as compared to the one done through traditional Photoshop method.

7) TRON-Inspired Photo Manipulation- When it comes to performing surreal photo manipulation, CS5 comes to mind now. It allows you create effects in photos, inspired by the movie, Tron. It allows you to give the illusion that the subject’s arm or any body part is disintegrated into light. Different transform tools, filters and adjustment layers are used in this technique to give spectacular results.

8) 3D Water Text Effect With Repousse- This is another special feature of Photoshop CS5 which empowers the designers to create texts with realistic water effects that can dazzle anybody. The highly-beneficial Repousse tool is used for creating this effect.

9) Simple 3D Logo- Creating the basic 3D logo is also a cakewalk, when you have the proficiency in using CS5.

10) Inception Poster With Repousse- You can create the mind-blowing effects used in movie Inception very easily using CS5. The suite’s versatile tool Repousse allows you to create awe-inspiring effects in aerial photos.

Try your hand at some of these and you sure will enjoy it. These tools can greatly enhance your work skills and allow you to deliver spectacular design results to the clients.